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Dialysis Access Synergy

"Knowledge, Decision, Skill"

The incidence and population of end-stage renal failure patients are expanding in Asia Pacific countries and worldwide. Majority of the renal failure patients rely on dialysis access to maintain their survival. Thus, dialysis access is the “life-line” of these patients. This created life-line is subjected to various challenges day in and day out. A good or bad dialysis access service make a huge difference to the survival, quality of life of renal failure patients as well as significant impact to the healthcare system. Dialysis access requires unique and specialized knowledge, clinical decision pathway, surveillance strategy, surgical and intervention skillset. Yet, the teaching and training in all these aspects are long being neglected or undermined. Holistic care for dialysis-dependent renal failure patients requires knowledge and skill sets beyond the scope of any of the conventional clinical specialties.


We are a group of clinicians dedicated to long-term care of dialysis access for renal failure patients. We believe good dialysis access service can be achieved through cross specialty, cross discipline collaboration, sharing of knowledge and experiences, evidence-based discussion and debate, appropriate application of advanced technology, as well as structural training in the clinical decision, surgical and intervention skill. We hope this meeting will induce synergy among healthcare professionals in different disciplines and specialties towards a common goal.


Our Vision

Concerted multi-disciplinary effort is vital to maintain the lifeline (dialysis access) of renal failure patients

Our Mission

Induce synergy among healthcare professionals to improve the holistic care for dialysis access



Academia, Singapore General Hospital

20 College Road

Singapore 169856


Special rate for DASy participant including breakfast and morning shuttle to the meeting venue

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